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Milan, Italy Private Event


Gloucester, MA – St. Peter's Fiesta Sunday evening performance, festival honoring the patron saint of the fisherman, St. Peter. (with special guest: Veronica Tirino


Newport, KY/Annual Italianfest-Accompanied by the Peter Wagner Orchestra


San Francisco, Ca. Festa Coloniale

✨✨ October 15, 2023 ✨✨

Marlboro, NJ event (email for details to

✨✨ October 28, 2023 ✨✨

Mazzini Verdi Club, Franklin Park, Illinois/ Halloween Dinner Show

✨✨ October 7 & 8, 2023 ✨✨

The Eldorado Great Italian Festival/ RENO, Nevada

✨✨ September 17, 2023 ✨✨

Highland, NY- Casa Milanese

✨✨ September 8, 2023 ✨✨

Friday- With John Richetta of Tempo Italiano Radio

Easton, Pa., Holy Cross Society Feast

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